freely improvised music & composition

 photo by Werner Puntigam




trombone & conch shell

soundscapes & visuals

photo by Werner Puntigam



The Austrian freely improvising musician and composer WERNER PUNTIGAM - called "the alchemist of the sounds" in a magazine's review - presents his solo performances on trombone & conch shell straight musically or extended with his own visuals (video & photography) projected as stage background. In any case he's always creating thrilling abstract and complex soundscapes with an extremely wide range of sounds and dynamics by exploring all known and unknown sound options on his horns in a pure acoustic way. An intimate, surprising and extraordinary soulful and sensual experience for the ears of attentive listeners!  


As a composer he regurarely delivers outstanding soundtracks for theatre and contemporary dance productions as well as for short movies and other interdisciplinary cooperations, e.g. in Austria (Landestheater Linz, Theater Phönix Linz, Posthof Linz, WUK Wien), Germany (Schauspiel Nürnberg), Italy, Hungaria, Serbia, Mozambique, Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong and Japan.

photo by Werner Puntigam



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