freely improvised music with groovy flavour

photos © Ulrike Rauch (CW + WP) & Al Shati (EG), montage & design by Werner Puntigam



CHRISTOPH WUNDRAK cornet & euphonium



trombone & conch shell



drums & percussions


+ 1 female special guest

video still by Werner Puntigam



Take the following ingredients:


instrumental lip services = BLAS
the craziness, jazz musicians have to have = TICK
vocal articulations and/or attacks  = BLA
the tool of the drummer = STICK


and very tasty and fresh ear-food called BLASTICK is more than ready to get served live on stage here and there!


This brandnew ensemble, focussed on freely improvised music, has been founded by the Austrian horn players Christoph Wundrak and Werner Puntigam especially for the 12th V:NM Festival Graz 2019. Those two experts of unconventinal brass music and the also highly individual Austrian drummer and percussionist Emil Gross are forming the basic of this very passionate performing band project.


In addition to that it's a personal matter of the three gents to extend their trio line-up to a quartet by inviting varying outstanding female guest musicians. On the successful premiere concert series 2019 the featured special guest was the Japanese vocalist AYAKO KANDA. And in 2021 first cooperations with the exceptional Austrian saxophonist TANJA FEICHTMAIR also resulted in thrilling live performances together.


Specific for the BLASTICK sound conception is the experimental and the traditional action of the music instruments and the voice unplugged. By interacting sensitively and spontaneously as well as by initiating constructive individual accents/inputs each concert includes highly dynamic and surprising, but also entertaining elements and sequences. That's influenced also by the very own career paths and versatile experiences of the involved musicians.

video still by al Shati / Puntigam



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