Werner Puntigam's ZIPHOP MUSIC

contemporary dance performances

ZIPHOP MUSIC #04 feat. Mallorie Hung (photo by Ryan Chen, edited by Werner Puntigam)


music & general conception


+ 1 guest performer (INT)

dance & choreography



ZIPHOP MUSIC #03 feat. Katerina Gevetzi (video still © Werner Puntigam)




On his ZIPHOP MUSIC project the Austrian multidisciplinary artist Werner Puntigam (music & general conception) collaborates with various international female contemporary dancers/performers, who he invites to choreograph their very individual interpretations of the performance subject "fashion mania - or the nightmare not to know what to wear", based on his composition 'Mo(ve)ments #3' (the music has been created by the sounds of zippers only). Most times the unconventional small and narrow stages with quite limited space to move are windows of shops or galleries, used as kind of abstract changing rooms, allowing the audience to observe the maniac (un)dressing/clothes-changing dancing/performing action in front of the window from the street. So far the following dancers/performers have been featured in this project:


Heini Nukari (FIN) > Kunstraum Goethestraße, Linz/A 2000

Ana Dubljevic (SRB) > Museum of African Art, Belgrade/SRB 2007

Katerina Gevetzi (GR) > Lentos Museum, Linz/A 2015

Mallorie Hung (TW) > Cochlea Festival, Kaohsiung/TW 2017

ZIPHOP MUSIC #04 feat. Mallorie Hung (video still © Werner Puntigam)



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