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Freelancing multidisciplinary artist in the fields of music (composition & improvisation / trombone, conch shell, soundscapes), visual arts (photography, video & graphic-design) and interdisciplinary performances & audio-visual installations.

WP, the improvising and composing musician (trombone, conch shell, voice, soundscapes), called "the alchemist of the sounds" in a review, has founded several groups with outstanding line-ups and unique sound conceptions, and performs live from solo up to orchestra size.

WP, the photographer, video artist and designer, creates numereous photo series (e.g. 'inter.views'), artistic documentaries of cultural events and works of graphic-design to order, and normally takes the responsibility for the artwork of his own

CD and multimedia productions.

WP, the interdisciplinary performer and artist, conceives and produces his own multimedia projects and interdisciplinary performance series (e.g. 'Triptychon') as well as space and sound installations.

Also cooperations with poetry, theater, dance, film, video and fine arts.

Collaborations with well known fellow artists such as Joey Baron, Tom Cora, Elliott Sharp, Joe Bowie, Hank Roberts, Han Bennink, Joëlle Léandre, Jon Rose, Oliver Mtukudzi, Stewart Sukuma, Malangatana, Shih-Yang Lee, Rabito Arimoto, Sakaki Mango, Akemi Takeya, Marta Binneti, Mookwon Kim, Ewald Oberleitner, Gabriele Mirabassi, Franz Hautzinger, Hope Masike, Josef Haslinger or Henning Mankell - to name but a few.


Incidental music for quite a number of theatre and contemporary dance theater productions in Austria (Landestheater Linz, Theater Phönix, Posthof, WUK Wien), Germany (Schauspiel Nürnberg), Italy, Hungaria, Serbia, Mozambique, South Korea, Taiwan, Singapore and Japan as well as several soundtracks for short movies.

Various recordings, video, radio & TV productions. Several prizes and awards for acoustic projects and visual artworks (e.g. Upper Austrian Grand Award 2013 for Art in the context of Intercultural Dialogue). Artistic activities and presentations in half of Europe, in USA, Canada, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Eswatini (former Swaziland), Tanzania, South Africa, Algeria, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, China and Singapore.


Born 1964 in Bad Radkersburg (A), WP is based in Linz (A) but annually also spends several months for temporary artist residencies, e.g. in South-East Africa, East Asia and/or North America. He studied 'visual media design' at the University of Art in Linz (honors degree 1992). During that time he also took part in numerous workshops with international masters of jazz at home and abroad.



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International festivals & concert tours (selection)


Music Unlimited Wels 1990, New Jazz Festival Moers 1991, Quaderni Perugini di Musica Contemporanea 1991, Tanzsprache Wien 1991, Tanztage Linz 1991 + 2001, Jazzfestival Wiesen 1992 + 1998, Literatur im März Wien 1992 + 1993, Jazzfest Wien 1993, Konfrontationen Nickelsdorf 1994, Tangentiale Wien-Budapest 1994, Austrian Soundcheck Graz 1994, Knitting Factory NY 1995, Jazzfest Umbria 1995, Jazzfestival Varna 1995, Festival der Regionen 1995 + 2001 + 2003 + 2011, NÖ. Donaufestival 1996 + 2001, Steirischer Herbst 1996, Bewegung schafft Raum Dornbirn 1996, Grenze im Fluss / Meja na reki Bad Radkersburg / Gornja Radgona 1996, The Kitchen New York 1997, Hörgänge Konzerthaus Wien 1997 + 1998, 'Reflections on Tonga Music' Zimbabwe / South Africa 1997, Spiel.Art München 1997, Klang-Aktionen München 1997 + 1998, GrabenFestTage Wien 1998, Brucknerfest Linz 1998, Sound Off Nove Zamky1998, Pet-Jazz Bratislava 1998, Van Dyck Festival Antwerpen 1999, Mid Europe Schladming 1999 + 2001, Donaueschingen 1999, Wiener Festwochen 2000, Japan tour 2000, Jazzit Festival Salzburg 2001, Chimanimani Arts Festival 2001, Harare International Festival of Arts 2001 + 2004 + 2014, Jazz across the border Berlin 2001, Festival Autogramm Budapest 2002, Non Solo Jazz Festival Verona 2002, Brass-Festival Linz 2002, Festival 'Salam.Islam' Wien 2002, artist in residence Maputo 2002/03, Literaturtage Rauris 2003, Int. Afrika Festival Würzburg 2003, Festival Groningen 2003, Int. Festival 'Klinkende Munt' Brüssel 2003, Klinkers-Festival Brügge 2003, Festival 'kingdom of illusions' Belgrad + Novi Sad 2003, Festwochen Gmunden 2004-2005 + 2011-2015, Ars Electronica Linz 2004, Festival 'Africa in Motion' München 2004, Festival 'Alternativa' Prag 2004, Muzej Africke Umetnosti Beograd 2005-2007, Biennale Photo Festa Maputo 2006, 'Sauti za Busara' Festival Zanzibar 2007 + 2008 + 2014, Voices Against Poverty Rostock 2007, Artlabs Sibiu 2008, Cape Town Int. Jazz Festival 2009, Mozambique Jazz Festival Maputo 2009, Int. Lent Festival Maribor 2009 + 2011, Kasumama Afrika Festival 2009 + 2011 + 2014, Acert Tom de Festa Tondela 2009, Festival Paralelo Evora 2009, World Music Festival LX Lisbon 2009, Sonus Loci Linz 2009, Inntöne Jazz Festival 2011, Fusion Festival 2012 + 2013, Murszene Festival Graz 2012 + 2014, Guelph Jazz Festival Canada 2012, Music Gallery Toronto 2012, AZGO Festival Maputo 2013, Bushfire Festival Swaziland 2013 + 2016, Outreach Festival Schwaz 2013, Sukiyaki meets the World Festival + Japan tour 2013, tour Zimbabwe-Südafrika 2014, Musikforum Viktring 2014, Festival 'Glatt & Verkehrt' Krems 2014, 'Höhenrausch' Linz 2015, Africa Festival Okinawa 2015, artist in residence Belgrad 2016, tour Swaziland - Mozambique - South Africa 2016, tour Korea - Japan - Taiwan 2016, 'aNOther festival' Vienna 2017, tour Korea - Japan 2017, 'Voices for Europe' - International Youth Music Festival Steiermark 2017, tour China - Taiwan 2017, Fractal Absolute - 2nd Taiwan International Improvised Music Festival Taipei 2017, International Improv Music Festival IV Hsinchu 2017, Cochlea - Experimental Music Festival Kaohsiung 2017, New Adits Festival Klagenfurt 2017, tour Japan - Korea 2018, Festival Brasserie Salzburg 2018, Jazz Art Sengawa Festival Tokyo 2018, artist residency Singapore 2018, tour New York 2019, tour Japan 2019, V:NM Festival Graz 2019, artist residency Hong Kong & Macau 2019, Tokyo Garden / Ars Electronica Festival / Japan Media Arts Festival 2020, Crossing Europe Film Festival Linz 2020, Diagonale Film Festival Graz 2021, V:NM Festival Graz 2021, CEPI / International Improvisers Conference Valciviéres 2021, Kulturwochen Bad Zell 2022, HOCHsommer Art Festival 2022 A/SLO, artist residency Korea 2022, Neue Musik in St. Ruprecht Vienna 2023, Am Sound Festival Krems 2023, artist residency Taiwan 2023 ...

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