free dub & poetry

photos & montage by Werner Puntigam


trombone & conch shell



percussions & vocals



spoken words & vocals



video still by Werner Puntigam




Romantic-kitschy poetry with trivial background music is NOT the business of these moonstruck fellows! Quite the opposite:
The Austrian-Mozambican trio RUA LUA presents high-voltage performances of freely improvised music and spoken words on an extremely wide dynamic range and surprising twists and turns. Like the moon always changes his/her appearance on the sky, the three always vary the cooking of their outstanding ear food live on stage. Werner Puntigam coaxes most unconventional and queer sounds out of his trombone and conch shell, which contain a variety of emotional associations. From sensual breathing sounds to jazzy patterns and funky phat basslines up to eruptive sound scraps and cascades. Samito Tembe is a very sensitive percussionist who grooves awesome on his minimized drumset, and who sets a solid beat structure under Puntigam’s abstract sounds. He’s also listening very well and concentrated in this very open musical interaction and reacts immediately in finest nuances. And Féling "Mandela" Capela, the mastermind of the slam poetry scene in Mozambique, fits in empathetically with his poems which he performs with great passion in Portuguese and English. His often sociocritical lyrics are telling about simple everyday life situations in urban Mozambique as well as about corruption and poverty in Africa. And all three are individual vocalists too. Capela with a strong warm and soulful timbre, Tembe with archaic sounding melodies, and Puntigam with abstract rap and beat boxing through his horns.

video still by Werner Puntigam



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