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erhu & vocals









trombone, conch shell,

soundscapes, videos/visuals

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photo by Reinhard Winkler



The 200th anniversary of a global super star like the Austrian composer ANTON BRUCKNER needs to be celebrated together by artists from various continents. In advance to the jubilee in 2024 the Austrian musician and multidisciplinary artist WERNER PUNTIGAM conceptualized an outstanding cosmopolitan project that experienced its world premiere in October 2023 at the grand concert hall of the Brucknerhaus in Linz (A) with great success and enthusiastic feedbacks followed by another magic and soulful presentation in a church.


Now this brand-new project is more than ready to go on tour and present this global-musical concert at any place on this planet where a concert or church organ is available on location with this top-class line-up: Mozambican vocal star STEWART SUKUMA, Taiwanese erhu virtuoso CHIAO-HUA CHANG and ANDREAS ETLINGER, monastery organist in St. Florian (A), perform live on stage dynamic improvisations of a melodic crossover including the classical sound richness of the organ stop as well as flavours of World Music, Afro-Pop and Jazz. WERNER PUNTIGAM extends the stage performances by additional pre-produced electronics-like soundscapes (based on abstracted elements of Bruckner's works) that he recorded pure acousticly on trombone and conch shell only at the music studio and then edited it digitally. Based on these soundtracks he also created several videos (featuring the Venezuelan dance performer INÉS PÉREZ-WILKE) that appear as bridges / interludes in large-scale projection between the live performances on stage and transform the venue into a multimedia experience space for the ear and the eye.

video still by Werner Puntigam

photo by Reinhard Winkler



WERNER PUNTIGAM is based in Linz (A) as a freelance multidisciplinary artist with regular artist residencies in South-East Africa and East Asia, where his focus is on intercultural projects and collaborations in the areas of music, photography/video, performance, design and interdisciplinary. Musically, he creates a wide range of sounds and experimental playing techniques on the trombone and conch shell ( in a press review he was called "alchimist of the sounds") and is the initiator and operator of a number of mostly international music and performance projects with appearances at many festivals in Europe, Africa, Asia and North America. In 2013 he's been honoured with the 'Grand Upper Austrian Award for Art in the context of Intercultural Dialogue'.

STEWART SUKUMA from Mozambique in South-East Africa just celebrates his 40th anniversary of his very successful musician's career (vocals, guitar, percussions), that brought him besides appearances in diverse African countries also several times to Europe (Portugal, Germany, Austria, Slovenia), Asia (Macau), South America (Brazil) and USA. He realeased various albums under his name that included a number of No.1 hits and pushed him to become the most popular singer of his country. He also received numerous awards. In addition to his musical activities, he is repeatedly involved in HIV/AIDS prevention projects and also active as a UNICEF ambassador.

CHIAO-HUA CHANG from Taiwan has been based in Vienna (A) as a freelance musician and erhu teacher since 2013. Before that, she had already gained many years of experience teaching the two-stringed Chinese string instrument in her home country. Her musical versatility ranges from traditional music to jazz and world music to contemporary music styles, striving to bridge the gap between Eastern and Western cultures. The erhu virtuoso's busy concert activities include collaborations with the Orchester der Kulturen under Adrian Werum, the Three Continents project with Przemysław Strączek, Eldis La Rosa & Colores, Hans Tschiritsch, Otto Lechner, Franz Hautzinger and many others.

ANDREAS ETLINGER from Upper Austria completed organ and church music studies at the former Bruckner Conservatory in Linz and at the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna (Michael Radulescu's organ class). His full-time job is second organist in the Augustinian Canons' Monastery of St. Florian (A). Until 2020, he worked several times as a teacher at the Conservatory for Church Music of the Diocese of Linz. In addition to his concert work as an organist, he has made CD recordings - including Brahms meets Bruckner (all organ works by Johannes Brahms at the Bruckner organ basilica of St. Florian) - as well as various compositions for the liturgy.

INÉS PÉREZ-WILKE from Venezuela is based in Nice (F), where she teaches and researches performing arts at the Université Côte d’Azur. She is also a lecturer for advanced studies in the arts and cultures of the South at the Universidad Nacional Experimental de las Artes in Venezuela, where she was also vice-rector from 2016 to 2018. Her artistic spectrum includes areas such as contemporary dance, performance, interdisciplinary improvisation, movement, physical expression, theatricality, intercultural studies, African and African-American dance styles, research methods in the arts and language forms. As a dancer, performer and organizer, she is involved in numerous international stage projects and workshops.



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