"kokyū [breathing]"

freely improvised chamber music

video stills & montage by Werner Puntigam




trombone & conch shell



trumpet & bass clarinet

video still by Werner Puntigam



After the outstanding Austrian and Japanese multiinstrumentalists, WERNER PUNTIGAM (A) trombone & conch shell, and RABITO ARIMOTO (J) trumpet & bass clarinet, started their congenial musical collaboration in Japan in May 2017, they later that year continued with an also very successful concert tour in Austria in July. That time they as well did very inspired audio recordings at a studio there, which has been released on their brand-new first CD, "kokyū [breathing]" (ATS Records CD-0898). And in November 2017 they proudly presented it live on their highlighting tour in Taiwan, where they earned more enthusiastic feedbacks on their impassioned live performances by the audiences as well as by the concert/festival promoters and fellow musicians. With their freely improvised chamber music they're creating thrilling abstract dialogues and complex soundscapes with an extremely wide range of sounds and dynamics by exploring all known and unknown sound options on their horns in a pure acoustic way. An intimate, surprising and extraordinary soulful and sensual experience for the ears of attentive listeners!

video still by Werner Puntigam



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