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sculptural artwork

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sound installation

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photo © Werner Puntigam



At WERNER PUNTIGAMs artist residency in Singapore in September 2018 he realized together with the Singaporian fine artist SHARYL LAM the audiovisual installation THE HERMIT at a left flat of a condemned house. Lam's two sculptural objects, produced by using recycling materials such as rattan, plastic bottles a.o., she describes as follows:


"From her warmth and careful, we are delivered. That relationship we all experience albeit differently; the bond of mother and child. Your own unique experience may differ from your sibling or the favourite twin. It’s a paradox that we have to leave our once perfect home (our mother’s womb), and to come into this world, building a home out of scratch, starting from the beginning again. Quietly, we wish to be contained again. There are good reasons we retain this inner serfdom; politically, it’s a recent phenomenon to be speaking out, barely a few decades. Moreover, many of our childhoods didn’t promote direct communication. We were small, vulnerable infants in the hands of large, powerful adults and we may not have dared, or know how, to speak up and clearly about our needs. Indirectness is a strategy in conditions of unequal power. THE HERMIT is an attempt at rebuilding and reuniting with the womb. Made of rattan and hemp rope, the frame encloses us within. Suitable as a singular crawlspace, the rhythm produced by the interwoven rope creates a support as we rock quietly in the piece."


For each of her two objects Werner Puntigam composed an individual soundtrack. The original sounds, that he edited digitally for his composition, he performed and recorded live on his conch shell - an object from nature quite similar to THE HERMIT sculptures. At the installation the two tracks of his composition are sounding through two mini Bluetooth speakers, each placed inside of the sculptures.

photo © Werner Puntigam



video still © Werner Puntigam

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