The Austrian multidisciplinary artist WERNER PUNTIGAM is well known for his wide range of outstanding artistic projects off-mainstream:

music (composition & improvisation / trombone, conch shell, voice & soundscapes), visual arts (photography, video & graphic-design) and interdisciplinary performances & audio-visual installations.


"Cliché terms such as 'ethno-music', 'crossover' or 'world music' fail if the versatile creative work of the trombonist, composer, visual artist, photographer, installation artist, arts communicator and border crosser between cultures and traditions, WERNER PUNTIGAM, need to get described. The intensity and the sustainability of his artistic bridge buildings and networks are convincing and human at the same time."


the jury resumed when they honoured him with the 'Upper Austrian Grand Award 2013 for Art in the context of Intercultural Dialogue'.

 newest video documentaries live on stage:

PIPES & VIBES - A TRIBUTE TO ANTON BRUCKNER live at 'Brucknerhaus' in Linz (A) on October 18, 2023

'AVANT DUB' / PUNTIGAM & MARUSIC aka OCTEX live at 'makart' in Linz (A) on November 5, 2023

'THE SOUND OF ODEM' / PUNTIGAM-ARIMOTO-STOJANOVIC live at 'Kliscope' in Linz (A) on September 1, 2023

PUNTIGAM-KELLER-WILBERTZ live at Porgy & Bess in Vienna (A) on May 5, 2021

WERNER PUNTIGAM solo live at 'Neue Musik in St. Ruprecht' in Vienna (A) on April 23, 2023

WP S(E)OULMATES live at 'Banjul' in Seoul (KR) on December 18, 2022

PUNTIGAM & OBERLEITNER live at 'Hochsommer Art Festival' matinee in Grad (SLO) on August 7, 2022

AERO-SOULS live at Lentos Kunstmuseum ('Lange Nacht der Bühnen') in Linz (A) on June 11, 2022

FLUX D'AIR live at 'Alte Gerberei' in St. Johann / Tirol (A) on July 2, 2022

STEINER-PUNTIGAM-WILBERTZ 'Daffodil' live at Lentos Kunstmuseum in Linz (A) on February 22, 2021

PUNTIGAM & BÖSZE 'Double Whisper' live at Kunstkapelle in Linz (A) on June 2, 2023

'AVANT DUB' / PUNTIGAM & MARUSIC aka OCTEX live at 'Pavelhaus' in Bad Radkersburg (A) on October 22, 2022

PUNTIGAM & CHOI SUN BAE live at 'Banjul' in Seoul (KR) on December 2, 2022

PUNTIGAM-KELLER-WILBERTZ live at Ars Electronica Center / Deep Space in Linz (A) on November 4, 2021

AERO-SOULS live at OK-Platz ('Musik im Raum') in Linz (A) on November 21, 2022

SCHLIMP-BÖSZE-HOLLINETZ-PUNTIGAM MIR@CEPI in Valciviéres (F) on August 27, 2021

'BLASTICK' / FEICHTMAIR-WUNDRAK-PUNTIGAM-GROSS live at V:NM festival in Graz (A) on August 21, 2021

VINEYARD SUNSET live at the 'Le Royal Cabanon #10' festival in Rognes (F) on June 18 2022


newest music clips / experimental films / video installation:

WERNER PUNTIGAM '(In)spiralism #01' performed & recorded at the historic Double Spiral Staircase in Graz (A)

WERNER PUNTIGAM 'Pipes & Vibes Interlude 01' contemporary dance video feat. Inés Pérez-Wilke (dance)

WERNER PUNTIGAM 'Pipes & Vibes Interlude 03' contemporary dance video feat. Inés Pérez-Wilke (dance)

CHIAO-HUA CHANG 'erhu solo' music video conceptualized, filmed and edited by Werner Puntigam

WERNER PUNTIGAM 'four music clips' on tracks of the album "Und Ja, And Yes," by PUNTIGAM-KELLER-WILBERTZ

THOMAS STEINER 'Tovo' animated movie, soundtrack by Werner Puntigam performed on conch shell

WERNER PUNTIGAM 'Scratched For C' on track #19 of the album "Und Ja, And Yes," by PUNTIGAM-KELLER-WILBERTZ

WERNER PUNTIGAM 'And Yes,' on track #01 of the album "Und Ja, And Yes," by PUNTIGAM-KELLER-WILBERTZ

WERNER PUNTIGAM 'Map Dance Linz' contemporary dance video feat. Marie Stockhausen (dance)

WERNER PUNTIGAM 'kokyū [breathing]' incl. audio samples of the same-titled album by PUNTIGAM-ARIMOTO

music projects

WP, the improvising and composing musician (trombone, conch shell, voice, noises), called "the alchemist of the sounds" in a review, has founded several groups with outstanding line-ups and unique sound conceptions, and performs live from solo up to orchestra size.

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visual artworks

WP, the photographer, video artist and designer, creates numereous photo series (e.g. 'inter.views'), artistic documentaries of cultural events and works of graphic-design to order, and normally takes the responsibility for the artwork of his own

CD and multimedia productions.

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WP, the interdisciplinary performer and artist, conceives and produces his own multimedia projects and interdisciplinary performance series (e.g. 'Triptychon') as well as space and sound installations.

Also cooperations with poetry, theater, dance, film, video and fine arts.

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Collaborations with well known fellow artists such as Joey Baron, Tom Cora, Elliott Sharp, Joe Bowie, Hank Roberts, Han Bennink, Joëlle Léandre, Jon Rose, Oliver Mtukudzi, Stewart Sukuma, Malangatana, Shih-Yang Lee, Rabito Arimoto, Sakaki Mango, Akemi Takeya, Marta Binneti, Mookwon Kim, Ewald Oberleitner, Gabriele Mirabassi, Franz Hautzinger, Hope Masike, Josef Haslinger or Henning Mankell. Various recordings, video, radio & TV productions. Several prizes and awards for music and visual artworks. Artistic activities, cooperations and presentations in half of Europe, in USA, Canada, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Eswatini (former Swaziland), Tanzania, South Africa, Algeria, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, China and Singapore.


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