"nonverbal trialogicals"

freely improvised chamber music

photo by Werner Puntigam




trombone & conch shell



prepared piano



drums & percussions



video still by Werner Puntigam



The Euro-Asian trio performs nonverbal trialogs in the style of freely improvised chamber music. At their concerts noises, musical fragments and instrumental sound poems get condensed to an open narrative of the moment, not knowing a beginning or an ending, or any action in the classical sense. The lyrical-poetic expressions open spaces of emotions and associations for the listeners, and push the "story". The sounds and noises remind on fragile lines and drawings, creating a lyrical-poetic immediacy and an individual, most subjectively perceived musical present.

video still by Werner Puntigam



WERNER PUNTIGAM (http://www.ear-x-eye.info) Freelancing multidisciplinary artist in the fields of music (composition & improvisation / trombone, conch shell, voice & noises), visual arts (photography, video & graphic-design) and interdisciplinary performances & audio-visual installations. Because of his wide range of sounds and experimental playing techniques as well as of his founding and leading of quite a number of unconventional music projects with mostly international line-ups and appearances at many festivals (Europe, Africa, Asia, North America), he was called "alchimist of the sounds" in a press review. For already more than 22 years he's been especially focused on intercultural cooperations, and in 2013 he's been honoured with the 'Grand Upper Austrian Award for Art in the context of Intercultural Dialogue'. Further prizes: Austrian Jazz Competition 1988, Preis der Deutschen Schallplattenkritik 1997, Upper Austrian music talents funding 1999. Many CD, radio and tv productions. As interdisciplinary performer and artist he conceives and produces his own multimedia projects, interdisciplinary performances and space and sound installations. Also cooperations with poetry, theater, dance, film, video and fine arts as well as projects for and with children and youth, workshops, adviser and curator activities.


YEDDA CHUNYU LIN (https://yeddachunyulin.wordpress.com) pianist and composer, born in Taiwan. Started to play piano at age 4. Studied and graduated chemical engineering in Taiwan and instrument pedagogy (IGP classical piano) at the University of Music and Performing Arts, Vienna (MDW / Manon-Liu Winter). Since 2009 working as freely improvising musician. Cooperations with Lukas Ligeti, Clayton Thomas, Katharina Klement, Franz Hautzinger, DD Kern, Fritz Novotny, Paul Fields, Tanja Feichtmaier, Daniel Lercher etc. Member of 'Reform Art Unit' and '4 States Session'.
Influences: Claude Debussy, Maurice Ravel, Cecil Tayler, John Cage, Chopin, Pierre Boulez, Philip Glass, Jazz, film music, minimal music, electronic beats, drum & bass etc. Experimenting between structures, sounds, free forms, minimal music etc. and mixture of different styles. Her intension is to find a new balance, and – perhaps – a new expressionism!

GEORG WILBERTZ plays drums and percussions in the context of freely improvised and contemporary music, a.o. heavily involved in the annual concert series of the 'Musik im Raum' composers collective. Also extraordinary sound performances in duo with Werner Puntigam, e.g. at exhibition openings. Apart from his musical activities: studies of art history, archeology and history in Köln and Vienna. Scientific associate and university lecturer focused on architectural history and theory and urban planning history at several universities and academies (a.o. Universität Wuppertal, RWTH Aachen, TU Wien and JKU Linz). Research and publications about architecture and urban plannings from the 19th century until today.

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